Learning Flash - Driving Game

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OK - go easy on me, this was my first attempt at doing anything in Flash - I decided I was going to learn it over my holiday season back in Dec, and this is what I ended up with. It's not complete of course, because I got what I needed out of it. The track is randomized, the steering is variable, the headlights have an alpha-gradient effect, collision checking for the road,I don't remember what other nuts & bolts are inside... it's 3k

I was shooting for something similar to a game I played on maybe a C64, 17 years ago??? It may have been called Driver?

Maybe someday I'll be bored and turn it into something a little more exciting, at least add a top score table and a timer?

Note: Disregard the complete lack of aesthetic design work, it's not supposed to be pretty :)

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# re: Learning Flash - Driving Game

left by Scott Isaacs at 5/6/2005 8:48 AM Gravatar
What, no second level?

Pretty cool for a "first crack" at Flash.

# re: Learning Flash - Driving Game

left by Brian Tinkler at 5/8/2005 12:13 AM Gravatar
ok, but that's teasing...I thought I would get to play the game!

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left by Gerry at 5/8/2005 2:32 PM Gravatar
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