Salesperanto AND Coderian?

"Stop Thinking Like A Programmer"YinYang

I swear it's the theme this week.. I was actually told this by someone at work.  In my own defense, I was thinking like somebody that would rather script a solution than wait 3 weeks for it (ok yeah, that's like a programmer).... 

Think about this...

1. Business: Coders should be able to think in terms of features, interface complexity, barrier to entry, design and visualization, and capable of elevator pitching their product (notice I didn't say solution?) to a customer in these terms.

2. Innovation: getting the "I can do that" people (e.g. your engineers/architects/coders) to be able to speak directly to the "it would be cool if..." people (e.g. your billers, customers, parents, etc)

3. Apple's innovation/momentum and Microsoft's shift in perspective & ability to compete:  Microsoft has always been guilty of "thinking like programmers", and it has been very profitable for them, but things are changing, and they are reacting accordingly.

4. Black & White: on one side are the geeks that appreciate your architecture and could debate code/frameworks/paradigms all day.  On the other side are your customers, who want to know how you are going to make them more profitable/efficient/confident/marketable/competitive.  Not much of a grey area here.  2 different languages: Salesperanto AND Coderian. 

5. Intentional Programming [wikipedia]: Your skillset is in demand, but we are getting closer to the day that "Everyone Writes Software"... Lutz has a section dedicated to this.  Developers must learn to understand the intent of their users.  Stop thinking in syntax, start thinking in semantics...  Mashups, FDD, REST, RDF, Pipes & Popfly (Google SETS prediction).

There is a pattern developing here, and there is A LOT of money being tossed around because of it (check this out!). 

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