What may have been http://ep.iphano.us

Still on the subject of Atwood (3rd post in a row) & stackoverflow.com (2nd in a row)... this is it though...

In Jan 07 I jotted some stuff down, called it ep.iphano.us (don't know if the domain was available then, it isn't now).  I wonder how close the stackoverflow.com vision is to what I had in mind?  I invisioned urls as answers, but it seems like Jeff & Joel want their own knowledge base of fresh answers.  Pasted notes from my tiddlywiki:

Digg-like community where users submit ideas or questions, and other users submit URLs as answers to them. Users can endorse questions, as well as responses. Each user has 2 scores: QEndorsements, and AEndorsements. The front-page effect is used for 2 lists, both chronological: Left lists requests (ideas/questions) that have passed some threshold of endorsements, and Right shows Responses that have exceeded some threshold of answer endorsements. Users can subscribe to filtered sets of questions and/or answers. Submissions (requests or responses) can be categorized, described, discussed, and tagged. Users can subscribe to their own sets, which may be as simple as all requests that are either tagged 'movie' or categorized as 'movie'.

Use Cases
- Submit new Idea or Question (request submission type)
- Submit new response (as url, to a request)
- Create filtered set for request
- Create filtered set for response
- Grab feed url for filtered set

- View set
- View front page (requests, and responses)
- Endorse request
- Endorse response

Db Tables
- SubmissionType {Request, Response}
- FilterType {EndorsementCount, CategoryType, SubCategory, Tags, UserEndorsements, UserEndorsements, User, Filter}
- CategoryType {Technology, Science, World & Business, Sports, Entertainment, Gaming}
- User
- Submission
- UserEndorsement
- UserFilter (UserSet)
- SubmissionTag
- SubmissionSubCategory
- UserSubmissionTypeScore

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