Thoughts on Social Media For Mid-sized Businesses

I was asked to provide some quick insights on the pros/cons of social networks as they apply to busineses:
 - Networking on a global scale
 - Indviduals develop & strengthen marketing skills & awareness (Professionals market themselves more often, more effectively)
 - Search engine optimization (if we link back to our website often)
 - Access to realtime news, industry-specific activity
Drawbacks, Concerns:
 - Potentially global audience includes adverse parties, so training is important
 - Personal activity reflects on the Firm
 - Frequent change, new social networks appear often, and and turn over quickly
 - Social Network services are decentralized, 3rd party, difficult or impossible to manage internally
Some law-people on Twitter (create an acct, and follow them, and if you want, me)
(and their comments for why they think Twitter is valuable to them)
Kevin O'Keefe is constantly providing fresh insights into social media as it applies to businesses, marketing, and law. 
Craig Niedenthal, Birmingham, AL, trial attorney focusing on products liability cases:
"Use twitter to make contacts of other lawyers and those in other fields i.e. tech, marketing, to help me grow as atty and person"
Tony Hartsfield, Co-founder, Society of Legal Learning Professionals; Sr Analyst, Learning Systems at Bryan Cave LLP:
"Twitter keeps me informed on trends & issues in legal IT."
Lindsy C. Doucette, lawyer, Omaha, NE:
"it's my foray into social media 2.0 - I'm seeking examples of how to use the web effectively and I'm developing relationships."
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